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Crystal Hefner Confirms Holly Madison’s Chilling & ‘Gross’ Polaroid Story During Playboy Documentary


As ‘Secrets of Playboy’ dished the grime at the relief of Hugh Hefner’s empire, his ex-wife confirmed Holly Madison’s claims that he took photos of naked ‘wasted’ women folk at the mansion.

“While you would exit with [Hugh Hefner],” Holly Madison stated of her unhurried boyfriend in some unspecified time in the future of the second episode of Secrets of Playboy that aired on Monday (Jan. 24), “he’s taking all forms of naked photos of these women folk after they’re wasted out of their minds. And he would print out admire, eight copies for him and the total women folk. It’s factual unfriendly.” Shockingly, Holly’s claims in regards to the Playboy founder were confirmed by his wife, Crystal Hefner. “I came upon hundreds of these disposable digicam photos you are speaking about, [Holly],” Crystal, 35, tweeted to Holly, 42, because the episode aired. “I straight away ripped them up and destroyed each one amongst them for you and the endless other women folk in them. They’re gone.”

Thank you @crystalhefner

— Holly Madison (@hollymadison) January 25, 2022

Holly cited the photos as one amongst the explanations she became once “scared to switch away” the Playboy Mansion. “If I left,” she stated in some unspecified time in the future of Secrets of Playboy, “there became once factual this mountain of revenge porn factual ready to return out.” In December, the Ladies Next Door alum made these claims, per Too Fab, telling the Vitality: Hugh Hefner podcast that Hugh became once “continuously taking photos of these women folk on his disposable digicam. And these women folk were nearly always intoxicated. I do know I became once, closely intoxicated.”

“They wouldn’t factual be his customary girlfriends. They’d be contemporary girls who were becoming a member of him for a evening for the first time, or women folk who had flown out from across the country to envision for a centerfold in allegedly real prerequisites,” she stated. “They normally’d be invited out and oftentimes would be compelled, now not basically straight away by him, he would win some of his girlfriends rep it too, rigidity them to return upstairs.”

Holly and Hef (Kevan Brooks/Admedia/Sipa/Shutterstock)

Holly has now not held relief in Secrets of Playboy. She claimed that residing at the Playboy Mansion became once so dire and depressing that she regarded as “drowning” herself to total this “cycle of wretchedness.” She stated the necessities – a strict 9 o’clock curfew, no pals over, sex on a time table – were very “cult-admire.” She additionally stated that there became once a time when Hef “flipped out” on her after she obtained her hair lower. “He became once screaming at me and stated it made me watch damaged-down, exhausting, and cheap,” stated Holly.

Hefner died in 2017 at the age of 91. Sooner than Secrets of Playboy, Hefner’s son, Cooper, defended his father in opposition to “salacious reviews” about Hef. Crystal additionally spent Monday evening denying a snarl made by one other one amongst Hef’s girlfriends. Sondra Theodore claimed that Hefner became once smitten by Charles Manson, and Crystal stated, “announcing he had curiosity is for sure a lie.”

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