Courteney Cox gets a tattoo with her daughter winking at “Friends”

Courteney Cox gets a tattoo with her daughter winking at "Friends"

Courteney Cox is waiting for the thriller Scream VI to be released in theaters , in which Jenna Ortega also acts , and while that happens, she boasted on social networks that she has just gotten a tattoo with Laura Dern  and their children a matching design that further bonds your friendship.

Through her social networks, the protagonist of Friends  published a photograph in which her daughter Coco appears, along with Laura and her children Ellery and Jaya wearing long warm sweaters: “Adding a new layer to our 16-year Christmas Eve tradition… Watch out… we might have sleeves by 2025,” he jokingly wrote.

In another photo, the group is seen showing off their tattoos, a shared fine-lined design that includes a paper airplane along with the words “go long.” Although everyone put the design on their arms, the actress’s daughter put it on her upper back. Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Meyer and Sara Foster applauded that they have thus united their friendship.

“Is Laura Dern just one of those celebrities who is friends with everyone?” asked one fan in the post, while another asked if “going long” was a nod to Friends and asked, “Is this a Thanksgiving football game Friends reference?”


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The famous tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who was previously married to actress Lake Bell, was in charge of the design for both families. He also shared the snapshot on his Instagram stories and added: “I love these people.”


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