Comcast CEO Brian Roberts – “We Don’t Need M&A”

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and NBC Universal chief Jeff Shell attempted once again to throw cold water on deal rumors and speculation that the entertainment business doesn’t have the scale to compete.

“We don’t need M&A,” Roberts said categorically on a call to discuss strong quarterly result — which the execs said back them up.

“I really love the company we’ve got. I can’t imagine, really, a better quarter, an exceptional quarter, and I believe we have much more organic growth ahead. We have a unique company with content and distribution working so well together… We are investing in the business… We like the mix,” Roberts said.

Plans for Amazon to buy MGM and Discovery to merge with WarnerMedia along with what’s perceived as a content arms race in streaming have focused attention on NBCU, ViacomCBS, Lionsgate and smaller independents that have have seen a boom in interest.

He said the company might considers partnerships that would help enhance it’s streaming position. But as for scael “we have all the parts.”

“If you look at the results of Peacock this quarter, were the fastest growing streaming service [with] a brand that’s only a year old, a new brand… I feel fortunate with our position,” Roberts said.


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