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Coco Austin Gives Fans Rare Look Into Her $1 Million Shoe Closet – Watch


Coco Austin showed fans what the inside her million dollar shoe closet gave the look of & the video is serious goals.

Coco Austin, 42, gave a uncommon search into her shoe closet and it is utterly improbable. She posted a video to her Instagram, calling her closet the “Coco cave shoe closet.” The walls had been utterly lined with hundreds pairs of sneakers, which label as a minimal a million bucks.

Coco posted the video with the caption. “Some folk score baseball playing cards, some score watches, some score comic books…. I score sneakers!! Over 20 years worth. #shoefreak #heeladdict #sneakers #cococave #closets #shoecloset” Within the previous 20 years Coco has amassed hundreds pairs of sneakers and each and each is top doubtless than the subsequent.

From dozens of Christian Louboutin sneakers to draws that pulled out to repeat rows of different dressmaker sneakers from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana – her closet didn’t disappoint.

The shelves in her closet ran from the ground to the ceiling and each single crevice used to be covered with a pair of sneakers completely organized with none pairs having a interrogate out of situation. The closet is supplied with a leopard print carpet, an enormous fluffy red chair, mirrored shelves, and LED lights that speed alongside the perimeters of every and each shelf.

This isn’t the first time Coco has shown off her closet, as she frequently posts pictures of her and her family in what she calls the “Coco cave.” Alternatively, this used to be the first time she gave an in-depth video of what it gave the look of and our jaws hit the ground.

Coco loves her shoe closet so grand that she as soon as wrote in an Instagram caption, “My shoe closet is basically the most sexiest situation I know so for fine, this wanted to be shot for regarded as almost definitely the most looks,” referring to a portray of her posing in exciting sheer lingerie.

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