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Chrissy Teigen Puts Makeup On Only Half Her Face To Reveal What She Looks Like With & Without It

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The cookbook creator let her fans detect how she looks to be to be like au pure versus bronzer, eyeliner and mascara applied! Try it out right here!

Flawless both system! Chrissy Teigen showed off what she looks to be to be like adore with or without make-up and the final consequence’s the always the equal: resplendent! Taking to her Instagram on Friday (January 28), the cookbook creator, 36, shared a selfie (below) with one side of her face au pure and the replacement side of her face done up with bronzer, darkish eyeliner, smokey detect shadow, thick mascara and a runt little bit of contouring. She captioned the self-imposed side-by-side, “No-make-up make-up.”

Her adoring fans had been quickly to observation on the charming show, as one wrote, “I adore the No make-up,” whereas one other shared, “Mute resplendent each ways.” One moreover joked, “I didn’t trust my glasses on and belief at the origin any person gave you a unlit detect.” Chrissy’s model friend Ashley Everett even posted, “I’m SHOOK at how symmetrical your face is!!!!”

Whereas Chrissy was exhibiting off how she transforms her face with some make-up tricks, she moreover lately revealed how she does it with a runt outdoor again. In November, she shared alongside with her fans that she had undergone an eyebrow transplant, a blueprint where hair from a affected person’s head is placed on the eyebrows to compose fuller brows. A pair of months earlier than that, the mummy of two underwent a beauty surgical treatment to win fat eradicated from her cheeks.

Chrissy moreover lately expressed how contented and wholesome she feels alongside with her transformation on the within. On Wednesday (January 6), Chrissy revealed she was celebrating six months of sobriety. “Truthfully, [it] roughly sucks pronouncing it because although I don’t ever crave it now, time has no longer exactly flown by haha. I prob obtained’t be inflamed til a elevated milestone adore at leasssst 5 years, and in most cases I don’t even know if I essentially obtained’t ever drink another time?”

“I genuinely have not any belief what I’m doing, honestly,” wrote Chrissy, “but I originate know just a few things: I now trust unending vitality, system less dread (no more benzos!) and I’m *happier* and more novel than ever. It’s rather frigid. I quiz ahead to having my fat physique reset after 1 year, then reevaluating to detect my unusual hopes and wants for the prolonged flee! Let’s goooo.”

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