Charlene’s parents will closely monitor their daughter’s recovery in Monaco

Charlene's parents will closely monitor their daughter's recovery in Monaco

Michael Wittstock and Lynette Humberstone, parents of Charlene from Monaco , are in the European country in order to set up their residence there and closely monitor the recovery of their daughter , who was a year ago in a boarding school for Switzerland to treat his mental health and then return to his real activities.

Although at the moment there is no official information about the arrival of the parents of the princess ; It is known that they are already installed in Monaco, like her brother, Gareth, and her arrival would be exclusively to discuss family issues , since it is well known that marriage stays away from the principality.

According to the site Mujer Hoy , there is still nothing concrete and the rumors about this move were denied by Charlene’s sister-in-law , Chantell Wittstock, married to her brother Sean, who also lives in South Africa.

The Wittstock couple is keeping an eye on the health of Charlene , who earned the nickname of the “Sad Princess”, because for more than a year she has faced a series of medical problems, from being treated with a bacterium, to the mental health problems that kept her away from royalty for several months.

Lynette has frequently flown to Monaco to be with her and her grandchildren , while her brother Gareth has lived in the principality since 2011. Charlene’s parents live in Benoni, a residential suburb of the South African capital, where the princess was also raised. Her father is a breeder of racehorses and they settled in South Africa before the princess was born.


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