Cesar Evora affirms that there is no way to help Jorge Salinas in the infidelity scandal

Cesar Evora affirms that there is no way to help Jorge Salinas in the infidelity scandal

After uncovering the alleged infidelity of Jorge Salinas to his wife Elizabeth Alvarez with his nutritionist , the actor referred to the subject during the presentation of the telenovela Forgive our sins , and expressed that it has never been unfaithful nor does he have an extramarital relationship, and his co-star CEsar Evora also spoke about it.

The Cuban actor wanted to be very respectful of the issue, although he expressed that after leaking some photographs of the nutrition specialist and the actor, there was little to do and he hopes that he can resolve it in the best way for the good of his marriage but just as his two daughters. Evora and Salinas have shared several television projects as well as plays.

“How do you support him in this situation he is experiencing?” A reporter asked the experienced actor to which he replied: “Not even how to support him, I’m not the one to give an opinion on this, it’s something very personal and it’s not up to me me to interfere in that issue, but to resolve it in the best possible way , ”he said.

“I don’t know how he is going to solve it because he has a family and a very delicate situation with his wife, in short, he wishes him and his entire family the best… I feel that he is beaten, all this is very deep for him and he is having a hard time, he brings the situation deep inside her chest and that she solve it, ”he referred to the media in a video broadcast by De La Rosa Tv.

After the scandal and Salinas’ statement, the still couple was seen together a few days ago, in what would be their first public appearance; However, the actress was distant from her husband and they even arrived separately at an activity of her daughter, which suggests that the situation is still tense between them.


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