Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon resume their relationship after fights and legal disputes

Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon resume their relationship after fights and legal disputes

After everything they claimed regarding each other and after a tough legal fight, Carlos Calderon as well as Vanessa Lyon shocked by appearing together at Christmas celebrations as well as by announcing that they are offering themselves a brand-new possibility to be a steady family for her child lion.

It was via social media networks that the couple postured with their baby shocking their fans, they also disclosed that they spent Christmas together and that they are really close in spite of the fights they had in past months.

The presenter published a video on his social media networks in which he guaranteed that both he and Vanessa were severely advised by third parties and that created them to have legal disputes that kept them in dispute for several months and implicated of physical violence and other concerns.

“After numerous months we have been talking so much regarding what occurred and also particularly the path we intend to take after these issues that were couples that, sadly, were made public and that brought the guidance of people who gave us suggestions from individuals that they did not match “, showed Calderon.

“They made us fall under this legal trap that was reported and that was far from showing what we were experiencing, which was already more than reconstructing our relationship and what was being reported was merely not real,” he continued stating.

Carlos Calderon confessed that Vanessa took the worst component in this fight: “Imagine just how a brand-new mom experienced terrible discomfort, as well as I informed her that I am extremely sorry for what occurred which I could not prevent points from unraveling like this which It was really undeserved what has been reported regarding her “.


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Calderon likewise dedicated a couple of words to her son so that he actually understands just how points took place:” Let you understand, Leoncito, that your mother has actually always been an extremely dedicated mother which I have always believed that after whatever we have talked about, she was merely defending her relationship with his child.

Carlos Calderon reported that they are working to recover and also have an unified family:” We are going to function to continue recovery all this and also as moms and dads we are dedicated to leaving Leon a much more stunning tale, that of a family members that puts its heart first. “.

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