BTS’s Jin shows off his new face before enlisting in the military

BTS's Jin shows off his new face before enlisting in the military

Pee Wee had a meeting with journalism at the Mexico City flight terminal where he finally broke the silence about the note that television Notas magazine published concerning his marital status. Despite the fact that Pepe Rincon, the singer’s supervisor and also whom he supposedly married, had already cleared up the circumstance, the vocalist did not stay silent but before claiming any kind of words he mocked the magazine.

” What does it suggest? A great deal of giggling the truth, honestly. I’ve been since … What day was it? Because the Tuesday it was revealed, you don’t recognize how I’ve chuckled with my mommy, with my siblings, with my whole family,” Pee Wee said with a laugh when inquired about what this details suggested concerning his alleged marital relationship since three years back. years with Rincon.

“They truly know me (his family), I’m currently 34 years of ages, that is, they recognize all the ladies that have been a part of my life and also I truthfully find it uproarious,” he said. He revealed that he will submit a lawsuit against Television Notas and also the complaint will not only be made in Mexico yet additionally in the United States.

“Yes we are going to act legitimately because it is not reasonable to us, in these 20 years of my job when you start to have success once again, when you begin to be in the eye of the storm again, there are people that do not like whoever it is. I appreciate the neighborhood a whole lot, I know and I am aware that I have an audience from the gay area and also I will certainly always love them the same as everyone else due to the fact that it is a target market that when they enjoy you, they enjoy you, as well as they will be there in an excellent method as well as in negative times, it is something that I personally value a lot, I appreciate the neighborhood a lot, I have a target market that has followed me for years that both guys and also ladies enjoy them the very same, with the same respect,” said the Cumbaya interpreter who thanked for the community to support him when the incorrect information damaged.

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