BTS’ ‘One Day Only’ music video 200 million views 25th overall

BTS' 'One Day Only' music video 200 million views 25th overall

On the 17th, the agency Big Hit Music announced that the number of views on YouTube for the music video of the group BTS’ “One Day Only” has exceeded 200 million.

This music video exceeded 200 million views at 1:56 pm on the same day.

With this, BTS has a total of 25 MVs with 200 million views, including ‘One Day Only’.

‘Only One Day’, a song from the mini-album ‘Skool Luv Affair’ released in February 2014, is an urban hip-hop genre characterized by a simple rhythm and neat instrument composition. It contains the message that if you are given just one day, you want to be with the person you love.

BTS’ music videos with more than 100 million views amount to a total of 39, including ‘Boy With Luv’, which recorded 1.6 billion views.

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