British royal family reacts for the first time to the Harry and Meghan documentary

British royal family reacts for the first time to the Harry and Meghan documentary

A solid doubting from the British royal family had the documentary series of Harry and Meghan, which premiered this Thursday on the Netflix platform.

Spokespersons for the royal family guaranteed that no participant has actually been spoken with pertaining to the statements provided by the Dukes of Sussex about the problems and events that have led the couple to distance themselves from royalty, also to stay in the United States.

The manufacturing of the collection cautions with an indication at the beginning of the documentary that the royals had rejected to contribute their version to the Netflix documentary, however this statement was emphatically rejected by the palace, according to the Daily Mail.

The first episode of “Harry and also Meghan” noted that “members of the royal family refused to comment on the content of this collection.” The sentence was without delay refuted by the royals through their spokespersons, that remarked that the production of the series never ever came close to or made contact for any type of member of the royal family to make understood their account of the occasions defined by any of the Dukes of Sussex.

The official sources of the royal family emphasized that neither Buckingham Palace nor Kensington Palace, neither also a member of aristocracy got any kind of sort of formal call or request to understand their versions.

They also defined that for now no declaration or remark from King Charles III or Prince William will be issued, in regard to issues of bigotry or discrimination directed at the monarch, the royal princes of Wales or various other members of nobility.

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