Brie Larson And Filmmaker Elijah Allan-Blitz Developing Limited Series Based On The Life Of Spiritual Teacher Ram Dass

Brie Larson

EXCLUSIVE: After landing the life rights to Being Ram Dass, Elijah Allan-Blitz, Brie Larson and Brian Grazer are producing a limited series based on the late American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author, Ram Dass. His “Love, Serve, Remember” Foundation leaders Raghu Markus and Rameshwar Das will both take on executive producer roles.

“Elijah Allan-Blitz and his family have been front and center of my relationship with my ‘Bio-Dad’”, Peter Reichard (Ram Dass’ son) explained. “I was thrilled when Elijah told me about the television series being planned about RD’s life. To have Elijah, Brie Larson and the Oscar winning film producer Brian Grazer spearheading this project is an incredible acknowledgement of the life, times and impact Ram Dass had on our world.”

Dass (then Richard Alpert) was a Harvard professor whose own self-image was shattered after his first mushroom trip. This experience propelled him to lead a study with his colleague Timothy Leary – funded by Harvard – to observe the effects of magic mushrooms on graduate students. Their research burst out of the laboratory, got them both fired and ushered in a new era: The Psychedelic 60’s.

“The topics of personal growth, spirituality and psychedelics have always been hugely important to me,” Larson 

He later traveled to India, where he was transformed by the man who would become his guru, Maharaji. After changing his name to Ram Dass, he returned to America, bringing the wisdom of Maharaji through yoga, meditation, and the book that would become a global phenomenon, “Be Here Now.” After many adventures and helping reshape society multiple times over with incredible characters from John Lennon to Steve Jobs, Ram Dass’ ultimate test came in the form of a stroke that tested his will, his teachings, and ultimately his faith.

“The last time I saw RD we talked about bringing his story to a larger audience and that’s when he gave me his blessing to create this show. ” Most recently, the producorial pair won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for their work on “The Messy Truth: The VR Experience,” Allan-Blitz added.

Dass’ life rights are held by the Love Serve Remember Foundation.WME Legends works in association with Raghu Markus, Executive Director of Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation.

Larson is represented by WME, Authentic Management and Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern. Allan-Blitz is represented byHertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP.

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