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16 of the Best Relationship Podcasts

16 of the Best Relationship Podcasts
16 of the Best Relationship Podcasts

Relationships are like a living thing; they need to be nurtured in order to thrive, and poor care brings them to an early end. However long your bond lasts, the good news is that every relationship is a learning experience. And if you’re dating, happily single but looking, getting over a breakup, or simply seeking tips on how to become a better partner in your marriage, one of the podcasts on this list will teach you something, too. Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? lets listeners eavesdrop on others’ relationship struggles. If you’re in search of an expert opinion, pods like Savage Lovecast offer no-nonsense advice on how to get through every love and sex-related scenario imaginable. And if you desire deeply relatable takes from folks who’ve experienced what you’re going through themselves, plenty of entertaining (and hilarious) options abound. Whatever your taste may be, you’ll come away from any of these relationship podcasts a little bit wiser about matters of the heart—and hopefully, your love life will be the better for it.

Couples Therapy

Relationships aren’t the sole topic in this delightful celebrity interview show from married comedians Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman (or “Jewboo,” as Ekperigin calls him). But they regularly answer listeners’ relationship-related advice questions, and often welcome another couple as guests, such as author Glennon Doyle and soccer player Abby Wambach.

Dear Sugars

For years, an anonymous person named “Sugar,” eventually revealed to be Wild author Cheryl Strayed, doled out gorgeously-written advice in a wildly popular Rumpus column. Now, it’s a podcast hosted by Strayed and original Dear Sugar columnist Steve Almond. While not every episode deals with romantic love, the soothing listen invites us all to approach each other with a little more empathy and care.

Paired By the People

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a matchmaker, or you love a good set-up story, Paired by the People is for you. In the age of data-driven dating apps, host Lakshmi Rengarajan is dedicated to “reviving the art of the setup” IRL. The pod’s concept? Two people debate about which two of their friends they should set up, and why. Then, you get to listen in on the date itself.

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Mating in Captivity author Esther Perel may be one of the best-known couples’ therapist in the world, and listeners bear witness to her masterful skills on Where Should We Begin? In each episode, a different couple sits down to spill the details of their troubled relationship—as listeners, we get to learn something as we eavesdrop.


Self-described “dating sherpas” Julie Krafchick and Yue Xu have a bottomless appetite for all things relationship-related, and every week they welcome a guest—such as How to Not Die Alone author and data science guru Logan Ury—to offer valuable advice for those wondering whether they’re undateable (spoiler alert: you aren’t).

Savage Lovecast

If you’re familiar with the abbreviations “GGG,” “DTMFA,” and “CPOS,” you’re likely a Dan Savage fan already. Each weekly episode features a celebrity or expert guest, and finds Savage answering love and sex-related questions with the signature brand of no-nonsense counsel that made him, as he says, “America’s only advice columnist.”

Talking It Out with Mike & Bryan

Fans of the Bachelor franchise will recognize popular former contestant Mike Johnson and his co-host Bryan Abasolo, who tied the knot with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay after winning her love in season 13. Talking their way through topics like “Initiate Sex, Set Expectations, and More Ways to Maintain a Relationship and Career,” Johnson and Abasolo offer something that’s still too rare in the relationship media landscape: Two heterosexual men who are intent on improving their communication skills, and want to help others who’d like to, as well.

Dyking Out

As you may have guessed by the irreverent title, Dyking Out is centered around queer culture. Each week, lesbian comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali welcome a guest to discuss a facet of LGBTQIA culture, from pansexuality to the lesbian film classic But I’m a Cheerleader.

The Endless Honeymoon Podcast

Married comedians Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero are ready to take your calls and spill your submitted secrets, as they draw upon their own relationship experience to answer questions like “is it okay to booty call my ex?” and “should I let him go to Burning Man alone?” A comedian-heavy roster of visitors join to advise—often, they’re other couples, such as 2021 guests Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett.

Black Love Matters

Longtime couples may hear a bit of themselves in the banter from hosts Niram and Niambi, who sit down for frank and funny conversations about Black love, and how they keep their own relationship healthy. They also answer listener’s questions and share their takes on the pop culture they’re loving (and not loving).

I Do Podcast

Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz have been married for over 10 years, and their I Do Podcast aims to give young couples the tools to have the best union possible. Their interview-format pod welcomes a different expert each week, and with nearly 300 episodes under their belt, they’ve likely addressed an issue you may be grappling with.

Sex w/ Emily

Though Emily Morse has a PhD in human sexuality, Sex w/ Emily covers issues both in and out of the bedroom—which isn’t surprising, since she’s been doing the podcast since 2005. Dr. Emily’s highly educational pod is a bottomless resource of advice and tips o

Dating Straight

Listening to Amy Ordman and Jack Dodge’s Dating Straight feels like joining a hangout session with two of your funniest gay friends. While they don’t pretend to have all the answers, they often welcome guests that might, and their banter will keep you laughing through the highs and lows of your own love life.

Modern Love

Anyone familiar with the New York Times’ long-running Modern Love column—or the Amazon series it inspired—will be a fan of the relaunched podcast. Hosted by editors Daniel Jones and Miya Lee, and typically featuring celebrity narrators, you’ll find quirky stories about love in all forms. They’re often followed by a chat with the author about what’s happened since.


Multiamory covers all facets of non-monogamy, from open marriage to polyamorous bonds, in a quest to help others navigate them (or just learn, if they’re interested). Hosts Emily, Jase, and Dedeker bring curiosity and a respectful tone to explore topics that are often misunderstood.

Love Letters

This podcast from the Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein has a theme every season; season 4’s is “Love at Any Age,” while season 3’s was “How Do You Know?” Each episode is loosely related to that theme, offering a well-told love story that may inspire you to keep your own heart open.

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