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The Best Nail Stickers For an Easy DIY Manicure

The 15 Best Nail Stickers For an Easy DIY Manicure

The Best Nail Stickers For an Easy DIY Manicure

It may seem like a small difference, but there’s something about having a polished, Instagram-worthy set of nails that can totally uplift your mood. While nail art used to be limited to simple designs or left to the well-trained salon pros, the increasing availability of gorgeous nail polish stickers means you can easily add an artistic flair to your DIY manicure and pedicure—without spending much more money or time. From glossy gel polish strips, to prettily designed floral wraps perfect for summer, and Harry Potter-themed decals, these cute nail stickers will have everyone asking where you got your nails done. The answer to that can be our little secret.

Florista Nail Wraps

A small business started by Boston-based nail artist Nina Park, these pretty nail wrap stickers are now available at Ulta. Because they’re printed with real nail polish and ultra-thin adhesive, these will look and feel just like you hand-painted flowers right onto your nails.

Nail Art Stickers 3D Self-Adhesive

These summer-themed nail stickers come with 12 sheets worth of designs, including cute cacti, flamingos, fruit, palm leaves, and more. Easy to stick on and take off your nails, you could switch them up daily, if you’re so inclined.

The Cheat Sheets Nail Stickers

Those fancy nail art manicures you’ve seen on Instagram? You can DIY them at home (for a lot cheaper) with these “cheat sheet” nail stickers that feature modern and fun designs like evil eyes, abstract illustrations, neon geometric shapes, and pastel leopard spots.

Nail Polish Strips, Love Potion

A little glitter on the nails is such a fun change! These highly-rated nail strips have pink glitter on a clear base, so you can easily apply it over your favorite neutral polish, or on your natural nail bed for that trendy see-through look.

Desert Quartz Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips

Looking for something that covers your whole nail bed? You don’t need a special UV light to apply this Dashing Diva set of strips.

Real Nail Polish Strips, Faux Real

Live on the wild side with these Sally Hansen animal print nail strips.

Sunlight Delight

“These nail adhesives have a cool, techy twist,” says Erin Stovall Young, the Associate Beauty Editor here at O, The Oprah Magazine. “The first time I wore them, no one could tell they were stickers. They thought it was a fancy gel mani!”

Watermelon Nail Polish Strips

Kind of like Harry Styles’s hit song “Watermelon Sugar,” these nail strips give us that glorious summer feeling. Using 100% real polish (no plastic) for a long-lasting nail design, apply these before your next virtual happy hour for a conversation starter.

Full Nail Stickers

Feeling indecisive? This set of six nail sticker sheets offer a range of pretty designs, from rainbows to flowers, polka dots, and more. Try out each set, or mix and match as you please—it’s up to you!

Constellation Nail Stickers

Show off the night sky on your nails with these delicate constellation stickers. Pair them with a midnight blue polish, as seen here, or choose a pastel neutral.

Gloss Finish Nail Polish Strips

These glossy nail polish strips with gold glitter and accents result in a sophisticated style.

Pink Mother of Pearl Nail Art

Bedazzled, but in a classy way, these nail wrap stickers are made with real gel formula for glossy long-lasting results. Packaged with 38 nail strips, there’s plenty for a matching manicure and pedicure.

Minimalist Gel Nail Stickers

These gel nail strips with abstract face line designs will make it appears as though you freehanded artwork on your nails. No big deal!

Minimalist Gel Nail Stickers

These gel nail strips with abstract face line designs will make it appears as though you freehanded artwork on your nails. No big deal!

Harry Potter Nail Stickers

Potterheads are going to want to scoop these up for some magical nails. Featuring all the cute recognizable Harry Potter symbols, these decals can easily be applied to your nails (on top of polish or without) just like you would a temporary tattoo.

Rebecca Minkoff x imPRESS Le French Pop

Like the feeling of acrylic nails but can’t get to the salon? These press-ons have a simple but chic nail art design, and are easy to pop right on your natural nails. No glue needed.

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