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Best Korean Skincare Products to Buy in the UK

Korean skincare follows a failproof philosophy which has ensured that natives are often the highest subjects of skincare envy. They believe in nurturing and maintaining healthy skin and body at all times, to prevent breakouts and blemishes before they can even think about forming. This means that what we often see in Korean skincare is: feed, hydrate and brighten (and unclog those pores properly!)

A Korean beautician working at a spa in Battersea once told me that the magic skincare formula is: “Cleanse, tone, mask, moisturise. Keep your routine consistent and that’s all you need”. So, following this magic formula, we’re going to take a look at the best Korean cleansers, toners, masks and moisturisers available to buy in the UK.


Upkeeping constant innovation, K-beauty is a minefield for cleanser forms –but we thoroughly enjoyed exploring them all

1. Erborian Milk and Peel Resurfacing Balm

At OBVS, we’re partial to transitional cleansers, which is why the Erborian Milk and Peel Resurfacing Balm caught our eye. Offering the benefits of a milk, balm and oil, this cleanser manages to lift make-up as well as dead skin cells. Our favourite ingredient on the list? Sesame milk.

2. Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

The formulation for this cleanser is impressively packed with Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide to boost your skin’s cell production while keeping it hydrated. This hypoallergenic facewash is low irritation, and a rare foaming cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin.

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