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Berlinale: ‘Baqyt’ and ‘Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm’ Win Panorama Audience Prizes

The Panorama prizes have been handed out on the Berlin International Film Festival, with top honours going to Baqyt (Happiness) and Aşk, Worth ve Ölüm (Enjoy, Deutschmarks and Loss of life).

Askar Uzabayev picked up the 24th Panorama Viewers Award for a good deal of tremendous operate film for Baqyt, whereas Cem Kaya calm the Panorama Dokumente award for Aşk, Worth ve Ölüm.

The prizes were awarded by the Berlinale fragment Panorama, in partnership with radioeins and rbb television (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg). In all, 8000 cinema-goers’ votes were solid over the direction of the Panorama fragment of the competition. The total winners’ list is below. 

In the film Baqyt, essentially the main personality is an orange-clothed influencer, whose tag is ‘Happiness’, contrasting with her darkish and brutal dwelling lifestyles. Judges acknowledged, “This film shows us what it costs to flee the entice of misogyny.”

Cem Kaya’s documentary essay celebrates 60 years of Turkish music in Germany, offering an substitute publish-warfare historical previous to boot to a local musical catalogue of stars, from Yüksel Özkasap to Derdiyoklar and Muhabbet.

Both beneficial motion images will doubtless be confirmed in Berlin at Zoo Palast 1 on the evening of Sunday February 20, with Baqyt screening at 6pm and Aşk, Worth ve Ölüm at 9pm. 

Panorama Viewers Award Winner – Feature Film 2022:

Baqyt (Happiness)


by Askar Uzabayev 

2nd Set up Panorama Viewers Award Winner – Feature Film 2022:


Ukraine / Turkey

by Maryna Er Gorbach

 Third Set up Panorama Viewers Award Winner – Feature Film 2022:


Brazil / France

by Flávia Neves 

Panorama Viewers Award Winner –Panorama Dokumente 2022:

Aşk, Worth ve Ölüm (Enjoy, Deutschmarks and Loss of life)


by Cem Kaya 

2nd Set up Panorama Viewers Award Winner – Panorama Dokumente 2022:

Nel mio nome (Into My Name)


by Nicolò Bassetti 

Third Set up Panorama Viewers Award Winner Panorama Dokumente 2022:

Myanmar Diaries

Netherlands / Myanmar / Norway

by The Myanmar Film Collective

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