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Berlin Review: Dario Argento’s ‘Dark Glasses’

Wild Bunch

Dario Argento’s Berlin Film Festival Particular Gala entry Darkish Glasses plays out nearly admire a parody of his earlier work. Co-written with Franco Ferrini, it’s a lurid giallo about a killer slaughtering ladies folk in up-to-the-minute Rome. It lacks the suspense and form of Argento’s work within the 70s and 80s, whereas repeating assorted themes. 

Echoing the pianist in Suspiria (1977), the lead in Darkish Glasses (or Occhiali Neri in its native Italian) is a girl who has misplaced her look. Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli) is a excessive class escort who has been chased by a killer and blinded in an accident one day of her lumber. Arriving on her doorstep is Rita (Argento’s daughter Asia Argento), whose job is to support the newly-blind adjust to their condition.

Rita also options as a assignment of rising unresolved lesbian stress (her name might possibly perhaps just or might possibly perhaps just no longer be an homage to David Lynch’s Mulholland Force). In one other nod to Suspiria, Diana acquires an Alsatian dog, closely followed by a Chinese language sidekick named Chin (Xinyu Zhang) the young son of a pair caught up within the accident that blinded her. Diana and Chin supposedly invent a bond, nonetheless there’s scant characterization, dialogue or backstory to pork up this belief, in particular when Chin has reason responsible Diana for his destiny.

Within the meantime, the person within the white van is following them around. The lunge scenes own doubtless cult allure, nonetheless there’s miniature hobby within the killer’s psychology.

Whereas Darkish Glasses is oddly coy about intercourse scenes, reducing from the mattress room entrance to the de-robing, Argento has no such compunction about sexualizing his feminine characters, and there’s an miserable erotic watch one day of attack scenes (whether it’s some distance supposed to be pastiche, it doesn’t work). So despite centering on a feminine personality, this feels out of step with the up-to-the-minute mood. From the visible vogue to Arnaud Rebotini’s electronic ranking, most of it loyal reminds you the draw critically better Argento used to be within the historical days — and how many dependable movies were inspired by him, from Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria to John Chippie’s Halloween.

NB this overview is from a non-final slice

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