Ben Affleck’s hug with JLo’s son that strengthens their bond of friendship

Ben Affleck's hug with JLo's son that strengthens their bond of friendship

Considering That Ben Affleck as well as Jennifer Lopez joined their families after their marriage, the star has striven to develop an effective bond with his better half’s children. Evidence of that nearness is the concerned hug in which the musician thawed on Monday with Max, one of the doubles of the Ain’t Your Mama interpreter.

A series of images shared by the Daily Mail revealed the stepfather in an affectionate moment with JLo’s 14 years of age son. Affleck gone by a movie studio located in Los Angeles and also as soon as he arrived he satisfied the young adult who was waiting at the area for reasons that are still unknown.

The supervisor of Argo (2012) got out of a lorry worn a casual appearance, comprised of a stylish beige blazer, a cream-colored sweater, black jeans, and also Nike sneakers in white, blue, as well as brown tones. Marc Anthony’s son was worn a gray hoodie, black sweatpants and grey slip-on sneakers.


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When the two met, the likewise film producer leaned towards Max and also surrounded his body with a caring hug. The young man didn’t take his arms off his side also when Affleck approached his face affectionately. After the hug, the star faced the workshop while his stepson entered into the car.

Since the star as well as singer obtained married in Las Vegas in July of this year, the household has actually been caught on a number of events going through different communities in Los Angeles. A few days ago, Affleck, Lopez and also Max were photographed by a paparazzi doing Christmas purchasing in Brentwood. The teen walked beside his stepfather, that was really curious about what his stepson was looking at on the phone.

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