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‘Before The 90 Days’ Preview: Mike Reveals His Medical Diagnosis To Ximena

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Ximena begins to receive very pissed off with Mike, but he explains in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Earlier than the 90 Days’ that his lack of organization is linked to a scientific condition that he has.

Tensions are rising for this Earlier than the 90 Days couple. Ximena and Mike are using in a automobile when Mike decides to blow his nostril. Mike tries to stay the tissue in the relieve pocket of the seat when he’s carried out, but Ximena chastises him and says he needs to be “respectful” because this isn’t his automobile.

Mike in the January 30 episode. (TLC)

“I’m in a position to’t imagine what you’re love to your condominium, my God,” an pissed off Ximena says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 30 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Earlier than the 90 Days. Mike will get a rubbish rep for his tissue only after Ximena asks for one from the driver.

“I mediate that since Mike hasn’t had many girlfriends and has never lived with a woman, maybe he’s a slob because a woman is lacking from his home,” Ximena says. “So I are attempting to ponder that he can learn, nonetheless it worries me. If we receive married, I don’t desire a messy husband and not using a manners. That’s no longer the future I desire.”

Ximena tells Mike that it’s “no longer refined to learn to be attention-grabbing.” Mike then tells Ximena that he has ADHD (Consideration-deficit/hyperactivity dysfunction). “It’s no longer that I’m doing it on motive, it’s true that in most cases I omit,” Mike explains.

Mike and Ximena’s luxuriate in sage is featured on ‘Earlier than the 90 Days.’ (TLC)

Ximena is having a no longer easy time knowing what Mike is experiencing. “It’s nearly love a finding out incapacity. It has something to attain with the brain,” he says to Ximena.

“Around heart college, I used to be recognized with ADHD, so I receive distracted with out tell, I’ll omit to attain obvious things,” Mike shows. “A quantity of things that Ximena wants me to change, love the organization, which is attributed to ADHD, is no longer all my fault because it’s been a fight in most cases my total existence to examine out strategies to work spherical it.” Earlier than the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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