Aracely Arambula shows her admiration for Stephanie Salas, one of Luis Miguel’s exes

Aracely Arambula shows her admiration for Stephanie Salas, one of Luis Miguel's exes

Aracely Arambula (47) and also Stephanie Salas (52) share that they are the mothers of Luis Miguel’s (52) kids. The participant of the Pinal empire made the singer’s paternal launching after they procreated Michelle Salas (33 ), while with “La Chule” the interpreter of Por debajo de la mesa had Miguel (15) as well as Daniel (13 ). The connection of Luis as well as his kids is not close, their ex-partners have shown uniformity with each other, even the lead character of Doña Barbar showed her admiration for Salas.

” She (Stephanie) has been a great mommy, she has actually always cared for Michelle and they have been really dear to me for a long time, I like Mich and her mom significantly,” Aracely stated concerning Stephanie Salas, that was a single mom and also for a long period of time he did not have the assistance of the vocalist, something comparable to what is presently occurring between “El Sol” and also Arambula.

A few months ago it was exposed that Michelle Salas has a really great relationship with her half-siblings, she even sees them commonly. I love you, I enjoy you extremely much. Look, I am constantly in contact with my family, with my siblings as well as with their mother also, due to the fact that they are my brothers, it is my blood,” Salas claimed a couple of months back when the media questioned him concerning what his partnership with Miguel was like.

Arambula as well as Stephanie have undergone similar situations with Luis Miguel due to the fact that the vocalist did not identify Michelle until she was a teenager, while with Miguel as well as Daniel he was when they were extremely young yet he has not seen them for a long time, neither does he take duty for them. them, so Aracely did not hesitate to reveal her admiration for Salas and also the initiative she made to elevate her firstborn alone.

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