Andres Garcia’s wife blames the actor’s son for the “infamies” against him

Andres Garcia's wife blames the actor's son for the "infamies" against him

In recent weeks Andres Garcia as well as his household have actually remained in the eye of the hurricane as a result of the scandals they have been associated with; The actor’s wellness, the conflict with his wife Margarita Portillo as well as the statements of his kids have actually activated a wave of debate.

In the midst of what is occurring, Margarita offered an interview for Venga la Alegria in which she stated just how the previous daytime drama heartthrob is in health and wellness and also spoke of the problem with Leonardo Garcia, who is responsible for his dad’s wellness weakening. seriously in current months.

Andres’s wife showed that “the infamies” against him originate from Leonardo, whom she mentioned as “managing” the information launched by television Notas on Tuesday that she as well as her son emptied Garcia’s accounts, something she denied. “It is extraordinary that a person provides himself to lying believing that he is not going to have lawful consequences. A notoriety what they are doing with us and all for money, and all coordinated, obviously, by Leonardo, “she informed the program.

In addition to the info given by the publication, he presented a meeting with Jose Fernando Nolasco, a claimed former employee of Andres López Portillo (Margarita’s son). “I fulfilled this man for a couple of mins in my life as well as he begins saying a series of barbaric points. The man is already offering his point of view in his 15 minutes of fame, it is a dictated manuscript, they are utilizing it, “Portillo discussed regarding the man who spoke about the life of Andres, revealing that his children do not see him because in case of coming close to the home they are endangered with a gun on orders from the actor’s wife.

At the moment these kinds of points out are trivial to Margarita because she ensured that there will certainly be lawful repercussions, as well as in the meantime she is focused on the recuperation of her partner. “She’s currently out of pneumonia, she needs to continue utilizing oxygen, she is doing her breathing treatments, as for pneumonia, he is effectively dealt with. He has unrestrained cirrhosis, he is weak, but he is better than she had actually been, “She expressed.

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