Andres Garcia and Anahi had a forbidden love, fans remember them in networks

Andres Garcia and Anahi had a forbidden love, fans remember them in networks

After having health problems that took him to the medical facility, Andres Garcia (81) got the assistance of Anahi (39 ). It was the actor himself who made the facts recognized to his fans. Currently after what happened on social networks, fans remembered the claimed forbidden romance that the former soap opera leading male had with the actress.

“Dear buddies, I intend to thank my dear friend Anahi @anahi and her spouse, Lic. Manuel Velasco Coello, for all their focus as well as compassion, yet particularly for having sent out Dr. Irma Flores, an excellent pulmonologist, whom I additionally I thanks for all your treatment,” Garcia stated a few days ago, who had problems with his kids and also located support in the previous RBD.

After the message, users remembered the romance between Andres as well as the vocalist that also lived for some time in the estate that Garcia has in Acapulco. The meant romance occurred while the protagonist of Rebelde was still a small, which scandalized greater than one likewise because the gallant is 42 years older.

It was the year of 1999 when Anahi belonged to the actors of the telenovela Mujeres Engañadas in which she met Andres Garcia with whom she created an affective bond that numerous took a courtship since the young woman was going through consuming condition issues that surprised her good friends. close friends, among them Garcia that proposed to reside in his manor in Acapulco to assist her in her recuperation procedure.


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This was misinterpreted and also reports of a restricted courtship rapidly arose when Anahi was just 17 years of ages and also Andres was close to turning 60. Time later it was the interpreter of Salvame who dealt with all the speculation and also categorically rejected that there had been anything beyond a friendship. with Garcia, whom he sees as his father as well as continues to hold a special love.

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