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‘And Just Like That’ Writers: Why We Had Harry Go Full-Frontal

Placing it all on cowl. And Upright Esteem That creator Michael Patrick King opened up regarding the beefy-frontal scene they gave Evan Handler‘s Harry Goldenblatt on the repeat’s “Writers Room” podcast.

In the future of the episode “Bewitched, Troubled, and Bewildered,” which aired on Thursday, January 20, Lily (Cathy Ang) interrupts an intimate moment between her other folks Harry and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). The awkward interaction culminates with a beefy-frontal shot of Harry, which King, 67, outlined became fragment of the writers’ contrivance of showing the couple’s “spontaneous” sex lifestyles. “We if truth be told wanted the belief of Charlotte [having] the most staunch, the most wholesome sex lifestyles” that it’s likely you’ll maybe most likely most likely take into accout, they celebrated.

Evan Handler and Kristin Davis on ‘And Upright Esteem That.’
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

To ship that sentiment, the writers determined to present viewers an eyeful. “It wasn’t enough for us to fill it occur [like] in other TV reveals the place you never learn regarding the d–okay,” the Sex and the City creator outlined, including that Handler, 61, wore a prosthetic penis for the scene. “[So] I determined and other folks agreed with me [that Harry] would fill a colossal penis. In consequence of 1 of the issues that Charlotte says about Harry in Sex and the City is [about their] tall sex lifestyles: that she’s repulsed by it, nevertheless she wants him.”

While King acknowledged that “your sex lifestyles is [not] dependent to your penis dimension,” the repeat’s writers and producers wanted to present viewers something to suppose about. “In case you’re going to repeat Harry’s penis, let’s produce it be something that’s a positive dimension. Why no longer?” he talked about.

Although the nude scene got the most attention from AJLT fans after the episode aired, King and the writers if truth be told wanted to tell the moment to dig into Charlotte as a mother. “How will you cross down to your kids a wholesome, gay relationship to sex?” author Julie Rottenberg outlined. She added that they wanted to detect what to attain “when your derive hang-u.s.about sex without note are up towards what you know is the coolest part to attain.”

Davis previously spoke about her pleasure about seeing Charlotte navigating the trickier aspects of parenting and studying to let spin of her derive uptight upbringing. “Parenting is a jog and a process, and formative years reach into the field with their very derive part going on and you’re going to no longer control that,” the actress talked about in a December 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She continued, “And, as everybody knows, Charlotte, one of her central considerations is about control, so I derive it’s if truth be told first-price that she has children that she will’t control. Lily has some stuff coming as smartly [that] pushes Charlotte’s buttons. In consequence of that’s what children attain!”

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