AMC Adds Several New Theaters This Year, The Bulk Being Previous Arclight Leases

We already knew that AMC took over two older Pacific Theatres leases at Rick Caruso’s The Grove in L.A. and Americana at Brand in Glendale, however, today CEO Adam Aron announced on the recent earnings call that eight out of his upcoming ten new locations are former Arclight locations.

He didn’t name which specific Arclight leases he was taking over outside of The Grove and American, but mentioned that he has signed a lease or letter of intent with three locations in LA, two in Chicago and one in Atlanta.

Aron also mentioned there’s a dozen new builds underway in 2022 for AMC.

The CEO unpacked a lot of new info this afternoon, including hammering out a 45-day theatrical window with Warner Bros. for 2022; which isn’t shocking as the Burbank, CA lot has already done so with No. 2 circuit Cineworld (and U.S. Regal counterpart) earlier this year.

There was no mention of AMC scooping up Arclight’s prize jewel, the Arclight Hollywood and Cinerama Dome; the buzz among distribution sources continues to be that the Forman family will eventually re-opening that site once Pacific Theatres is cleared of bankruptcy.

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