Akin Akinozu, Turkish heartthrob from ‘Love and Betrayal’ confesses his most personal and secret side

Akin Akinozu, Turkish heartthrob from 'Love and Betrayal' confesses his most personal and secret side

Because he arrived worldwide for the telenovela Hercai, the Turkish star Akin Akinozu has actually conquered hearts although that little is found out about him, yet lately he himself confessed his most personal secrets.

In a meeting with the publication HELLO!, the actor of Love and Betrayal admitted several of the curiosities that every person needs to know about his favored artists, such as that are the most important individuals in his life, what is the partnership he has with his mother, etc.

The actor who plays Cemal in the Telemundo telenovela is originally from Ankara, Turkey and has actually managed to dominate Latinos for his ability, bearing and also charm.

This is what you really did not know about Akin Akinozu:

Akin Akinozu is extremely close to his mother, ozlem Akinozu, who is additionally an actress: “She has always made me feel strong with her love. She provided me the confidence to be able to do brand-new things, not to be worried to go on stage as well as motivating me to follow my heart, and I’m very thankful for that. His activities, the means he made me feel, I assume is one of the most valuable thing, I’m very grateful to my mother.”

Her favored individuals are her parents and also her sweetheart: “Well my favorite individuals are my family, that question is a bit challenging to respond to, it’s like when they ask me who I love more, my papa or my mama. My family members, as a whole, are my preferred individuals … Including my pets, my closest friends, my girlfriend Sandra Pestemalciyan … they are the ones I love the most.”

He originates from a family members of artists, his maternal grandfather of the actor, Sureyya Arin, was just one of the introducing speakers of Turkish television on the Turkish Radio as well as Television network. Her great-uncle, Suha Arin, is called the ‘Father of Turkish Documentaries’.

He is very proud of his origins as well as his native country: “I love where I am right currently, Istanbul. Ankara, the city where I expanded up. I have a great deal of respect for Ankara, the funding of Turkey, and Los Angeles, which is where I lived for some time.”

Admire several Latino artists: “Shakira, Jennifer Lopez as well as # 1, Ricky Martin. When I was in my senior high school years or more youthful, I really grew up with them. In fact, at a performance of his that I went to, a lot of people were perplexing me with his son due to the fact that they stated that I looked like him.”

His preferred actor is the Spanish spouse of Penelope Cruz: “As for my occupation as a star, there are numerous names of individuals I appreciate, like Javier Bardem.”

Despite being very successful in Latin America, the Turkish has actually not yet discovered to speak Spanish, yet he does have a favorite word: “Since two of my most current jobs have the word ‘love’ in the title, I believe that would certainly be it; Love and Revenge and also Love and also Betrayal”.

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