Akin Akinozu, the heartthrob of Hercai and Love and Betrayal, now shines as a weightlifter

Akin Akinozu, the heartthrob of Hercai and Love and Betrayal, now shines as a weightlifter

Akin Akinozu is twice on global displays. While “Amor y Traicion” premiered on Telemundo at the beginning of December, his penultimate significant production, in his native country, Turkey, proceeds as the lead character of “Tuzak.”.

Set up amongst one of the most appealing Turkish leading males for the Latin American audience, given that he was successful as the lead character of the exciting television series “Hercai”, in which he was paired with the stunning Ebru Sahin, Akin has gotten on a continuous surge as a character actor.

The local of Ankara currently manifests, in Love as well as Betrayal, Cemal, a family man that must desert his paternity obligations besieged by his own anxieties and aggravations, despite the fact that he deeply likes his spouse as well as daughters.

In a recent interview, Akinozu himself explained why he thought that method dramatization have such a good penetration in the Latin American world. The things we create reverberate with the Hispanic target market and I assume that’s one of the tricks to our success,” claimed the heartthrob, who studied maths in the United States.

Akin keeps that the trick to success in Latin America is comprehended due to the fact that “there is fantastic demand for our web content due to the fact that we have found a common language. People really feel related to the stories we inform, which is remarkable for the stars.”.

Raising weights and also increasing his body, a future function?

Regarding his future functions, Akinozu has not yet announced anything, given that his newest dramatic manufacturing: “Tuzak” remains in full advancement on the screens of Turkey. The celebrity of “Hercai” as well as “The Game of My Destiny” symbolizes in his brand-new duty Umut Yorukoglu, a legal representative that has a love-professional partnership with his female co-lead character Bensu Soral, but whose history entails an old betrayal in the that Akin wants to get revenge.

A few hrs earlier, Akin Akinozu’s personal trainer uploaded a short video in which the star is seen lifting weights – about 80 kilos. as part of his physical preparation as well as muscle improvement. Will it be for a brand-new duty in the future?

Mustafa Avasakkaya, the instructor, did not advance anything, although it offered to see just how Akin has acquired in physical power and also growth of his muscular framework. The physical fitness instructor only composed: “Images that highlight how crucial it is to train for phase efficiency, in addition to improve the systems of general functioning, slowing down, strength, equilibrium …”.

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