Adamari Lopez reacts unexpectedly to a comment about Luis Fonsi

Adamari Lopez reacts unexpectedly to a comment about Luis Fonsi

During the Hoy Dia program, they revealed a video clip of Luis Fonsi discussing the songs he dedicated to his youngsters and also better half, however the moment ended up being awkward when the presenters Penelope Menchaca as well as Chiky Bombom made remarks to Adamari López that made her upset and also even he made some upset faces.

Amongst the songs that the vocalist pointed out was I do not surrender, he explained that this melody was committed to all the people that did not surrender and also when the recording ended up, Adamari showed up before the cam interpreting the track, a moment that he made use of. the influencer to ask the starlet something.

Do I desire a youngster with you? Chiky questioned Adamari about whether that was the phrase he had said. No, no … that tune is gorgeous, she suggested with a severe tone as well as she was already frustrated by what she discussed her companion. The moment was currently tense, Penelope did not stay quiet as well as she likewise revealed herself about Fonsi.

That he committed it to all of us, mentioned Menchaca. Oh, just how wonderful, López replied, triggering worried giggling amongst the other vehicle drivers who had actually currently noticed the stress that had actually created at the table. In networks, some netizens expressed their inconvenience at what Penelope and Chiky claimed.

What an unsightly and also misplaced joke that of I want a kid with you absolutely inappropriate, The rivalry as well as little empathy between them is obvious, How awkward, wrote Internet individuals that remembered that I do not give myself for defeated, he wrote it to Adamari when they were married and also she was undergoing a difficult circumstance because of the cancer cells they spotted.

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