5 Hollywood stars who have had serious problems with the law

5 Hollywood stars who have had serious problems with the law

Although Hollywood actors and actresses enjoy certain privileges and comforts, they are not above the law. Sometimes their crazy or outbursts of fame end up with celebrities in jail , from drink driving to violent episodes.

Ezra Miller

The Flash interpreter has been one of the most controversial actors of recent times. He began his career being a great promise of cinema due to his rudeness in front of the cameras, it was quickly marred by his problems with the law. During 2022 Ezra was arrested for being accused of assault in Hawaii, he was charged with robbery in an uninhabited place and he was accused of having a family kidnapped in one of his houses From him. After paying several fines, the actor was released.

Lindsay Lohan

The former Disney girl rose to fame at a very young age and had a chaotic childhood. Lindsay Lohan starred in a series of controversies after succeeding in the film industry. At the height of her career she was repeatedly pulled over for drink driving and drug possession. In addition to having entered rehabilitation on several occasions, the actress spent a few years on probation.

Keanu Reeves

Although he is considered one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood, the protagonist of The Matrix has also had problems with the law. Shortly after his career began, in 1993, Keanu Reeves was arrested for drink-driving in Los Angeles . Several years later in 2006 he was again stopped for running a red light.

Michelle Rodriguez

The actress known for her roles in action movies spent 48 hours in jail in 2004 after pleading no contest to a hit-and-run , driving while intoxicated and driving with an expired license. This bump in her career meant that she was sentenced to community service, entered a three-month alcoholism program, and three years on probation.

Russell Crowe

The renowned Gladiator actor had one of the most controversial moments of his career in 2005, when he attacked an official at the hotel where he was staying. He threw a cell phone in his face, leaving him with injuries. The reason for the conflict was that Russell Crowe could not get a signal on his phone to call his wife , so he went to complain to the reception and took it out on an employee. This episode ended with the interpreter being arrested and finished forging his reputation as a violent person.

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