14 Potato Salad Recipes That Put a Twist on the Classic

Does anyone need more potato salad recipes? Your first reaction might be no. But that’s only because you haven’t read through this list of fantastic tater recipes just yet. 

Potato salad is a picnic and cookout mainstay for a reason, of course. It’s easy to make and can feed a crowd. And it makes everyone happy. Wait, it doesn’t always. Too often potato salad fails to live up to its expectations because people think they know how to make it but are actually selling the dish short. Sorry, you can’t just toss boiled potatoes with mayo and call it a day.

Then there are the traditional potato salads that are done pretty well, but are just sort of boring. You’ve probably had your fill of these by now and are just looking for something different.

This collection of potato salad recipes solves both problems. If you’re looking for Real Potato Salad done right, you’ll find it. And if you’re feeling like it’s beyond time to think outside the standard spud box, there’s plenty of inspo here too. These potato salad recipes are so good (and easy), you’ll be meal prepping them as a lunch and dinner side all fall and winter long too.

See? Now that you thought about it for a minute, you really did need more potato salad recipes!

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