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12 Common Spasticity Triggers, From UTIs to Stress

When you make spend of scientific gear enjoy a wheelchair, orthotics, or braces because of the multiple sclerosis, stroke, or an hurt, it’s a factual suggestion to envision to form they composed fit effectively and don’t glance too worn down. If they enact, they’d be more more seemingly to trigger skin irritation and breakdown that triggers your spasticity.


Whether or now not it’s muscle fatigue or in overall feeling wiped out, that so-drained-you-can’t-select-your-head feeling can play a component in spasticity. Fatigue may perchance be closely connected with stress and illness, two quite a bit of components that can elevate your spasticity risks, in step with a 2013 eye published within the American Journal of Bodily Medication and Rehabilitation.4 While we don’t know precisely why fatigue can trigger spasticity for some of us, one 2015 eye published in Physiotherapy Canada theorized that folk can also simply uncover the elevated muscle stiffness from fatigue as a worsening of spasticity symptoms.4

Stress and dismay

Talking of stress, emotional stress, dismay, despair, or overall adjustments for your psychological effectively being fetch a shut connection to your bodily effectively being. When you have got a sudden spike for your stress levels (insist, your in-licensed pointers judge to end by unannounced), that is in overall a trigger for your spasticity, presumably because of the the elevated muscle stress connected to excessive-stress cases.

Fractured bones

When you have got a spinal cord hurt or quite a bit of condition that is affecting your capability to sense your extremities, a fracture (broken bone) can happen with out you lustrous it. An match as easy as hitting your foot against a door may perchance presumably lead to an undetected hurt, Dr. Cabahug explains, which is able to then trigger spasticity. Again, any form of irritation or alternate to the body can trigger spasms.

Relapse or worsening of an underlying condition

On occasion elevated spasticity may perchance be a aspect pause from a condition progressing. As an instance, in case you’ve got got MS and wade thru a length where your symptoms come help or become more intense, spasticity can flare, too. Spasticity can also additionally become more pronounced after a recurrence, equivalent to having another stroke.

Being pregnant-connected adjustments

As if being pregnant doesn’t come with adequate curveballs, hormonal swings—now not to clarify the fatigue connected to being pregnant and overall body adjustments—can form spasticity worse.1 You may perchance presumably also additionally journey spasticity within the postpartum length. As your hormones adjust to current levels, this may perchance trigger muscle spasms, even in case you didn’t fetch complications at some stage in your being pregnant.

Menstrual cycle adjustments

This one appears to hit of us with MS who were assigned female at delivery especially laborious. An estimated 69% of of us assigned female at delivery with relapsing-remitting MS effectively-known their spasticity worsened straight away sooner than and frequently at some stage in their menstrual cycle, in step with an editorial within the American Journal of Bodily Medication and Rehabilitation.5 Esteem being pregnant, the reason this occurs seemingly has something to enact with the alternate in hormone levels surroundings off the spasms.

Excessive humidity and coarse temperatures

While sizzling hot days are no fun for somebody, of us with definite nervous design disorders and spinal cord injuries can also simply journey temperature dysregulation. This form your body can also simply now not acknowledge when it’s hot or chilly. When it’s drafty, your nerves can also simply now not let you know to construct for your Snuggie (is that also a thing?), and when it’s hot, you may perchance presumably also simply now not perceive a sweater is a bit overkill. Within the length in-between, the temperature adjustments can wreak havoc for your body—triggering muscle spasms—with out you even noticing.6 Why temperature adjustments trigger spasticity for some of us isn’t fully understood by consultants, however it will also simply fetch something to enact with those hyperactive nerves.

What causes sudden spasticity?

Spasticity can come on so quick that you simply’re left reeling in anguish, wondering precisely what occurred. It’s frequently because of the one of three causes: One thing has triggered your muscle spasms, your condition is progressing, or you’ve got got a condition that has gone undiagnosed or untreated.

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